A Beginning

Hello!!! If you are here, reading this blog, I would like to first welcome you to a little glimpse into my heart and my mind. This blog will be many things: including but not limited to: truthful, raw, unhinged sometimes, passionate even, but full of love. I will do my best to write with as much of the facts as possible. It will be political in nature at times, but will also include several other points. I will always do my best to be respectful to all points of view and please know that I do not assume that everything I think or say is the only way to view things. With that being said, if you disagree with something I have posted here, that is completely ok. My only request is this; if you feel the need to address your disagreement, then please do so respectfully. While I believe in healthy debate, I tend to get angsty when people start blasting each other, especially on something I have posted. I would like to maintain a culture of honor on here where we leave the idea behind that we always have to agree when we communicate a point of view. In the words of Danny silk, the goal is understanding, not agreement. I thank you in advance for respecting the culture I desire to maintain within this blog.

In order to give a little background, lately I have been feeling like I was supposed to start writing again. And when I say “been feeling” I mean that God has recently started stirring up the passion I had for writing for many years. In fact, many may not know this, but I started writing in early high school. I was the senior editor of my high school newspaper and was given the honor of being senior editor of the Vanguard University newspaper as a freshman. Sadly, I felt I had to step down because it became too stressful in my first semester of college. My major was communications and I had a desire to go into journalism with a possible move towards political journalism. Long story short, God had a different plan, at least for that time, and I never finished. But that’s a story for another day. I have written on and off for years. I have another blog which I have written on for years, but this last year or so I have scaled WAY back. But in the last few months, God has told me in my spirit and confirmed through others that I am supposed to start writing again.

So why not just use the old blog? I feel for this new season that it deserves a whole new perspective and goal. I even prayed about the name. After trying several phrases, I felt a peace about this one. I describe myself as a revolutionary and a patriot. My hubby calls me the justice league. I like to believe he says that in an endearing way…I think, I hope. I even thought about that as a possible name. I am one who fights for what I believe in which is truth and justice. That being said, I believe that one(not excluding myself) has the potential to take it to an extreme. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes fighting for what’s right takes extreme measures. But in ones quest for justice, it can be easy to forget the fundamental truths that God has imparted to us to elevate love over the law, and when possible, to be at peace with others. I believe that our actions have to speak the love of Jesus. I believe that takes balance, and an aggressive awareness of our words and actions. Can someone be a peaceful patriot? I believe so. At first, I thought it implied a contradiction to itself, but I believe it was what God has called us to be…peaceful patriots; knowing when to be peaceful, and when to step forward and fight for truth. What I have had to learn over time is that being peaceful does NOT mean that you have backed down from what you know to be true, but that by the leading of the Holy Spirit, you have to know our audience and value connection over being right or making our point. That can be hard for a patriot to swallow, and sometimes harder still to achieve, but it is possible. I have much to learn and am still in this process.

Can your truth be different than mine? Sure, but anything that contradicts the word of God is NOT TRUTH. Does that mean you have to believe in the word of God? Well friend, that is entirely up to you. Sometimes even believers can have different interpretations of scripture and how it applies to the issues of today. That is ok too. It is not my job to be the Holy Spirit. That is his job, and he is far better at it. It is your job to pursue truth on your own. I will do my best to present what I feel God is teaching me through his word and how it applies to the times. I will do my best to do it respectfully.

So I will end this by saying, I am so glad you have stopped by. Whether I know you in real life, or you happen to find my blog somehow, I am glad you are here! Blessings to you!