The Silence Is Deafening

“Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

         This quote was spoken in reference to Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime.  It was in reference to the millions of men, women, and children who were killed in what is one of the most devastating eras of our time. During the Holocaust, many people in Germany knew what was happening, yet they remained silent.  They were intimidated by Hitler and his army and were convinced to turn their eyes away. The cost?? Millions dead.  The estimated number of lives lost during that time is about 11 million.

Since 1973, when abortion was made legal in the U.S.; it is estimated that almost 6 TIMES that amount have died. That is nearly 60 million babies over the course of 40 or so years.  It’s happening here; not in some distant, uncivilized land, but in America. The same America who’s founding documents state 3 “God given rights” of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” As Dr. Ben Carson said recently, “you can’t have have liberty or the pursuit of happiness without life.” Fast forward to 2015, and now the moral dilemma is so much worse. Not only are lives being taken, but in such a way that is truly evil. A modern day holocaust if you will. Where at a whim, human lives are deemed less worthy because of inconvenience for some, and profit for others.

Silence can be deafening and deadly when the truth needs to be spoken.

For those who are painfully aware of the recent atrocities discovered at several Planned Parenthood clinics; the latest undercover video was just released this week.  7 videos have now been released to the public, each one worse than the one before.  Around the time the 4th video was released, I couldn’t imagine them getting worse.  Sadly…I stand corrected. This latest one is gruesome and stomach churning.  I have watched every single video and have been heartbroken over the callous nature in which these abortion providers have discussed the lives of these precious babies as if they were trash or sellable goods for the sake of profit.  This last video was the worst one for me. It uncovered more horrible truths about the practices of this so called “healthcare provider.”

**When you read the next paragraph, please do me a favor and take a minute to let the truth of it sink in.

      A 20 week old baby boy was born alive. He remained alive as they cut through his face to harvest his brain.  During this time, his heart was beating.

He was alive. 

 Yet to them, he was only worth what they could “procure” from him. The cruel irony in this is that it is all in the name of “saving lives” of those who have already had the privilege of being born. When they had acquired what they needed, they discarded his body into a bio hazard container that was already full of other dead babies. It is not clear at what moment during this process that he finally died, but one technician held him and a piece of her died with him.

Since the release of these videos, people who defend this organization and these practices have accused the man of releasing the videos for shock value.  I am sorry, but how is this NOT supposed to be shocking? How is this practice not supposed to affect us? If these horrific practices do not traumatize us to the core, then I dare say that our lack of humanity and moral courage are similar to that of the Germans during Hitler’s reign. Others have used the argument that abortion is only less than 3% of what they do.  They say that without this organization, millions of women would lose healthcare services. It simply isn’t true. The dentist who killed Cecil the Lion was socially crucified. Was it wrong for him to do what he did? Absolutely. No doubt about it. The loss of that lion was felt by many. But the irony here is that killing lions was less than 3% of what he did.  Yet the moral outrage was far greater for one lion, than it was for the thousands of babies being talked about in the same week.

As I watched the footage from this last video, it felt like my stomach leapt up into my throat and then crash landed again. My heart physically hurt. My youngest daughter woke up shortly after I watched it and I instantly went and hugged her for a few minutes. The girl who was my most traumatic delivery. Had God not intervened, neither she or myself would be here today. My OB who did my c-section just shook her head for days and was astounded at how close I came to a uterine rupture. Something that in many cases claims the life of the baby and even sometimes the mom. I say all this because I can’t imagine this sweet and spicy girl not being here.

Here is what astounds me… As each video is released, the contents get more gruesome and heart wrenching. However, the conversation about this is actually getting lighter, almost to the point of non-existent.  With the exception of the pro-life sights I follow, and a couple friends; it literally feels like NO one is talking about it. Everywhere I look, silence. The mainstream media is not saying much, and what is being said is not truthful.  It’s almost like it’s old news now and that it has lost it’s urgency. I can’t help but ask myself and others, WHY? One would think that this would elicit thousands if not hundreds of thousands from all over to protest this awful reality. Yes, there are many who are speaking up, and they are working hard to be heard. But to my dismay, I also hear deafening silence.

Friends, I feel like now, more than ever, the conversation needs to amp up.

If you have watched any or all of these videos; you might have had one or more of these responses.

A. How awful. This is beyond horrible.

B. “Those poor babies.”

C. “How do these people sleep at night?”

D. “Someone needs to do something”

E. “I need to do something”

F. I actually can’t watch it because it’s so horrible

G. Insert response here _____________

Personally, I experienced all of these responses to varying degrees at different times throughout the last few weeks. Once I got over the initial shock and horror of what was happening, I have moved on to option D and E.  Why? Because I believe that if you know something to be unjust and it affects you even a little bit, then it is both mine and other’s responsibility to do something about it.

This is where it gets tricky and a bit confusing. What do I do?  What do I say? How can one person make a difference? 

Those are valid and real questions that all of us have probably had at some point. The important thing is that it starts somewhere.

It usually starts with a discussion.

But where, and with whom? With so many variables to consider, it can be daunting to start or join a balanced, loving discussion on how to change what we see.  I am not the expert on this.     I would say that while I am an avid PRO-LIFER, I also have a heart for those who have beliefs that differ from mine. I am not one to hold back what I think or how I feel when it comes to matters like this.  I have had to take a step back and truthfully evaluate my own approach to this, especially in an open forum such as social media.  I want to display a balanced approach of truth and love. That is always my goal and desire. Does it always happen? Or does it always come out in the way I intended to, even with the best of intentions?  Eh… Probably not.

I say all of this because I know there are a huge variety of people out there from all journeys and walks of life.  People with stories that I can only attempt to relate to or understand. People who have made the excruciating decisions I was never faced with.  I often ask myself, and God, “How do I even talk about this when I haven’t dealt with it personally?”  It’s always the same answer, “with truth and love.” I think the other key is discernment. There are times I have wanted to say something, even though it was totally true, but I got a firm “NO”.

I realize as this abortion debate is raging, there is most definitely a large group of women who are now re-living their “choice” and can have a myriad of emotions or thoughts about it. To have the images of babies torn apart pushed right in your face can be traumatizing.  For those who regret this choice, it can be extremely painful to be faced with the reality of what has taken place. If you are that woman, my heart aches for you. In fact, as I write this, I am praying for you.   You need to know that God loves you and forgives you. That said, even those who have received and accepted the covering of God’s love and forgiveness can be dealing with this all over again.  Then, there may be those who don’t feel that way.  Either way, my heart aches for you.  I won’t say “I understand” or that “I know” because that would be insulting.  I desire with all my heart that everyone can know and experience the supernatural healing that God can bring through our brokenness. Whether for the first time, or the tenth time. We all have brokenness. We all need healing.

Where do we go from here?

I wholeheartedly believe that it is the responsibility of all believers to acquire the truth and the facts of the different moral dilemmas facing our country, and to act.  That will look different to each of us.  If you are like me, you might feel led to at least start the conversation and be vocal.  As part of the body, I am one part and have no problem voicing something. But for others, it can be through intercession, volunteering, mentoring, etc. We are not bound by one of those options, but we can and we SHOULD do something.

For me personally, I like to write, and speak about what I am passionate about. As a stay at home mom, my audience is minimal.  So where do I end up sharing what I feel about these things? Well, for one, this blog; and then there is social media. I can already feel the cringing happening, so bear with me. Social media has become a powerful tool of today’s culture, that can be used for both good and evil.

The issue of abortion can be an extremely dividing topic.  I have heard people say, “Facebook is not the forum to have these discussions, especially about polarizing topics.”  While I understand the idea behind that statement, I don’t agree 100%.  I respect it, but I don’t entirely agree and here is why. I believe it IS possible to have a balanced, truthful and loving discussion.   Do I see it all of the time? Sadly no; but I have seen it and I have been a part of them.  I have several friends that view certain issues very differently than I do, and we are often at crossroads politically; but we share a mutual respect for each other and both try our best to be respectful while sharing our view points. I celebrate the times we agree, and have learned to celebrate when we disagree because I am constantly learning something. I am learning to look at things from more than one angle. Sometimes I come away with questions that I have to pray about and research to settle my spirit. Other times,  I have to simply lay it down and remain confident in what I feel to be true in the Word and what God has shown me. Either way, I am grateful for the dialogue I have been able to participate in.

Sure, there are those times when others join in and it can get heated with so many differing viewpoints being tossed in the ring.  Those are the times I try to either bring it back around or shut it down when it gets unhealthy. Sometimes, it gets unhealthy because of how I am internally reacting to it and I know it’s time to walk away.

I believe these discussions among believers are important, both on and off social media.  It is important for us to be sharpened together and it is important for those who are outside of the community of believers to witness and experience a truthful, but diverse and loving exchange. As my Pastor and Pastor’s wife say, “the kingdom is activated, not just in the church, but when we step outside the church and apply kingdom principles within the world.” (Paraphrased) Basically they are saying, that God does something amazing when we take Kingdom principles and exercise them with our neighbors and friends outside the church community. Not in the means of shoving something on them, but as a form of witness of who God is. How cool is it when my “friends” on Facebook or in my own neighborhood get to witness a diverse, but loving conversation? Sure, the argument could be made that it would be better not to risk it at all. But if we are called to be “a beacon on a hill” and people outside the church are able to have these balanced exchanges; shouldn’t we be part of that? Shouldn’t we be the rule, and not the exception?

In order to bring this back to my original point, I want to challenge all of us, myself included.   I want to challenge us to prayerfully consider how we are supposed to participate in the global “discussion” about some of these topics. Especially the topic of abortion. God may tell you to be bold and speak truth (in love) without fear of the response. He may ask you to do something that falls far outside of your comfort zone. Either way, please know that each voice/action can make a difference. It may be small at first, but that’s ok.  If He calls you to intercession, then pray like your life depends on it.  If He calls you to volunteer and/or mentor one on one, DO IT!

If He calls you to share your story with one or many, I pray for you to receive courage to do so. God often allows us to go through pain and healing so that we can be a vessel for others to receive theirs. Even if only one or two people hear and receive it; it is WORTH it!

For those of us who are Christians, I believe it is our responsibility to lovingly be part of this conversation.  If the people who do not support this practice won’t speak up, then who will? If we sit by and turn our heads in disgust, or in ignorance and don’t do something; are we not guilty of condoning this behavior by our silence and our apathy? God’s word is clear about how He created us and how he knew us before our body was even formed. Jesus was clear about children’s place in the kingdom of Heaven.


      I beg you. Be someone who makes a difference in a loving, but bold way. Don’t just condemn the practice. Be part of the change. Let’s never, ever, be a voice of condemnation for those who have struggled with this decision.  There are so many ways to participate in turning this tide. I believe it IS possible if we stand undeterred by the armies of those who still support this organization in the name of “choice”. They are not the enemy. I believe it is possible to make a difference, but the conversation has to keep going.

This highly politicized issue is not political. It is a moral one.  It’s also not a partisan issue. This is not about the Right or the Left.  It about right or wrong.

Lives are ending. Thousands by the day. Lies are being spoken. Are we speaking the truth? Are we speaking at all?

God gave us a voice. It’s time we use it for those who cannot speak for themselves.

“To not speak is to speak.”